“I love this place. I trust them to care for my dog. I feel like my puppy likes it there better than home. Thank-you calm companion.”

-Dorie, July 2020

“Day care is amazing. Sage is so excited to see everyone and is always worn out at the end of the day. Having daycare has definitely made her a better and happier dog.”

-Joanne N, June 2020

The staff at Calm Companion are wonderful people. They give our Aussie pup a fun and safe place to spend her days, which permits us to work. We are grateful for Calm Companion. “

-Jim P, May 2020

“You guys are fantastic. We especially appreciate you continuing to provide care for our big boy during these tough times.”

-Cathy B, April 2020

“Paya LOVES his daycare days and it is simply because of the staff at The Calm Companion. They have helped tremendously with his shyness, and he loves every single one of them. 

I know I am leaving my boy in good hands when he greets them in the mornings with a ears down-tail a-wagging-happy dance. They have been pivotal to Paya’s training, and everytime someone comments on his good manners, I make sure they know it’s because of The Calm Companion.”

-Ellie E, March 2020

“We couldn’t believe the difference just one session made with our young female Weimaraner.  She has calmed down and will listen to us now.  She has had three sessions and we plan to bring her back for some day care before scheduling more advanced training.  The team has trained us, as well! Thanks Gals!”

-Lori, February 2020

“Our dog is so loved on during her boarding stays, we drive an hour for her to go there.  We initially did board&train and we are grateful for Rosanne and Kris for all of their knowledge and skill.  We were able to pick up and continue their methods for our gentle giant.”

-Laura, February 2020

“The facility was clean and the dogs there seemed relaxed and calm. The staff have gotten to know my dog, and the trainer, Kris, was really knowledgeable and thorough. She really knows dogs! She understands how to work with their different types and personalities. We are very pleased with the care our dogs receive there.

-Sue, January 2020

“The transformation into a happy dog is truly amazing. The Calm Companion helped me transform my unruly dog into a very happy dog. Many thanks.”

-Eric, April 2019

“Our puppy lab was a hot mess and didn’t listen or follow any instruction, and hated his leash. The puppy training class made such a difference in his behavior. Can’t wait to use The Calm Companion for boarding and future training!”

-Ana, March 2019

“We picked our lab, Zeke, up from training and we were pleasantly surprised and very impressed with all he had learned! He had achieved learning everything we hoped for and more! Rosanne and Kris are very good trainers with years of experience and such a great love and compassion for animals! We recommend them highly and give them 5 starts with no hesitation!”

-Tom and Julie, Feb 2019

“From a family with three large dogs and child, our family was looking for improved obedience, appropriate boundaries and calm consistency with our pups. Rosanne with The Calm Companion was just the woman for this job. She treated our dogs as her own while giving them the love but structured support they needed. Even after the first training session we were able to notice a difference in the interaction of our entire pack. Rosanne is highly educated in this field and ALWAYS takes the time to explain the ‘why” behind her training with the pet owner. This truly solidifies the training relationship between you and your dog! I cannot say enough good about our experience with Rosanne/The Calm Companion and are happy to report a new high level of confidence in myself as a pet owner. “

-R, April 2018

“Rosanne did an amazing job with my dog, Beef. He had some boundary issues, as well as issues with another dog. After several months of training, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in his behavior and how well he socializes with my other dogs. She did an amazing job working around our schedule and put out a great amount of effort working with him. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing training with their dog.”

-Matt, Feb 2017

“Rosanne is a brilliant and compassionate trainer. She introduced a calming discipline to our relationship with our two dogs and taught us the skills to continue her methods long after her program was completed. She really changed our life and we will be forever grateful.”

-Tom, Feb 2017

“We have 2 chihuahua mix female dogs, that were very stubborn! We were expecting a baby when Rosanne started working with us! Our dogs were the center of attention and ran our house for 4 years! Rosanne taught us to be the pack leader and taught them expectations! It was definitely challenging to change their behavior but we’ve stuck with her teachings and have seen great results!  We were worried about how they would react when we brought the baby home. She gave us suggestions for when this would take place and it made for an extremely smooth and calm transition! We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her!”

-Sarah W.

“Rosanne is the perfect trainer! She is great at explaining what she is doing and why so that you understand what you need to do at home to keep up the progress. She adapts to your personal situation when working with the dog. We loved all the positive reinforcement. Her love for dogs shows because our dog who is not usually comfortable with strangers loved her right away.” .

-Kait, Sept 2016