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Rosanne Eigel – Owner & Professional Dog Trainer

In October of 2014, I graduated from Training Cesars Way, after spending 5 days with our dog Henry and Cesar Millan. This renewed my commitment to my self, to follow my passion and find a way to begin a career with dogs. In July 2015 I graduated from K9 Lifeline’s Shadow Program with Heather Beck (a top trainer with Cesar Millan). Most recently, I attended a 3 day TrainSmart Workshop in Delaware, Ohio with Heather Beck (K9 Lifeline), George Cockrell (Companions Dog Training) and Scottie MacConachie (K9 Ponderosa). In March of 2016, I attended the 3D Difficult Dogs workshop at K9 Lifeline with Heather Beck and guest Jason Vasconi (Transform My Dog in Dickinson, Texas). I was extremely fortunate to meet and learn from a real class act in the dog world, Wendy Volhard. I attended the Healthy Dog Conference at K9 Ponderosa in Delaware, Ohio. As a result of this wonderful conference, I now recommend and feed my own dogs, fantastic product line. Wendy has been researching and developing supplemental feeding formulas for over the past 35 years, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful company! In June, I attended and graduated from National K9 in Columbus, OH as a Certified Professional Trainer, in Basic Obedience, breed identification, puppy temperament testing, development and preschool, behavior modification, and utility. This experience allowed me to increase and use theory and development to change behavior and increase compliance through obedience. In August of 2016, I attended a Daycare Shadow Program with Heather Beck, at K9Lifeline in Utah, provided hands-on experience for introducing new dogs, creating and overseeing calm-play, and using the dog daycare environment to train other dogs. Following my trip to Utah, I attended a Puppy Primer Workshop with Linda Kaim (Lionheart K9), covering everything about raising a happy, healthy puppy. In September 2017. I attended the International Association of Canine Professionals Conference in MO, where we heard from many professionals about the industry and best practices. November 2017, I attended the Raw and Natural Dog Summit in Chicago, IL. This was an amazing conference about what is the best food for our dogs. Most recently, I hosted Ian Grant of Vermont Dog Trainer for a 3 day Daycare workshop, here at our facility. It was AMAZING, and the staff all gained valuable hands on training. Most recently, I attended Training Between The Ears with Stephanie and Mark McCabe in Streetsboro, OH. I look forward to attending more clinics and seminars, and implementing that knowledge to be the best trainer I can be.

Kris Kroner – Professional Dog Trainer

Born and raised in Athens, I moved out to California for a number of years and worked at a facility training guide dogs for the blind. After doing that for over 15 years, it came time for me to move back to my home town. I met Rosanne and knew that her dream of owning her own dog training & boarding facility was something I wanted to be apart of. I’ve had 12 Newfoundlands throughout the course of my life and am absolutely biased towards that breed of dog- they are the best! I love working with dogs and using my years of knowledge to improve their temperament and behavior, and through that process teaching the owners how to better understand their dog to make it a better addition to their home and family.

Karla Lowrey – Office Manager

I’m from Wellington, OH and didn’t grow up with dogs, but I currently have a Maltese/Havanese Mix named Muffin. I spent a summer in Boston, walking dogs for a Luxury Pet Concierge Service before moving onto a Dog Daycare & Lodging Facility, giving me plenty of experience with dogs. I am looking forward implementing that experience in this new position and can’t wait to meet your pets and help them grow!

Kait Runevitch – Daycare Leader/Trainer Apprentice

I am a native to Athens and love it here. I have been a dog owner and lover since the age of 6.  Two of my dogs went through training with Rosanne before I started working with her and it has made all the difference.  I now own 3 dogs and  we all enjoy hiking the many parks around Athens and snuggling. We also enjoy live music and gardening.

Kylee Minick- Daycare Assistant

I’m from Middlefield, Ohio and I moved to Athens in August. Before I moved I worked at a veterinary hospital for 2 years and worked with wildlife as well. I grew with dogs my whole life and I have one dog back at home. I’m super happy to be here and to snuggle all the dogs.

Oliver Steelman – Kennel Assistant

I’m an art student from Glouster, and an avid lover of animals. Growing up, my pets were an integral part of my childhood. I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life caring for animals of all shapes and sizes, and I consider my own dog, Jojo, to be one of my dearest companions. I’m very excited to meet and care for all of your furry friends!

Elizabeth Lonas – Kennel Assistant

I am originally from Kentucky, my husband and I decided to moved here to live closer to his family. We live in a darling motor-home with our 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I have lived and worked with various animals since I was a child. I went to college for art education and music education, grades P-12, but I wanted to follow my passion for working with animals a while longer. I absolutely love working at The Calm Companion.  I tell everyone I know that this is my dream job. 

Lindsey Lemen – Kennel Assistant

I’m from Indianapolis, IN and am currently studying Music Production at Ohio University. I’ve had dogs my entire life, and currently have a golden retriever & a golden doodle. Growing up I was always with animals, and up until college I worked on a farm taking care of donkeys, goats, chickens, and dogs. I can’t wait to take care of your pets!

Savannah Long – Kennel Assistant

Cassi Spires – Kennel Assistant

I’m an Athens native with a deep passion for animals, both domesticated and wild. My first dog was a gift when I turned two. He was a beautiful Dalmatian that I named Pongo and had for 14 years. Since then I haven’t had a pup of my own (many cats though!) but as a side gig for the last 10 or so years, I have been helping many families in the Athens area with pet and house sitting. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in wildlife conservation and photography. So needless to say, I am very excited to get to know and care for your dog and be apart of an integral establishment in Athens.

Kelli Wolfe – Professional Dog Groomer

I grew up in south, eastern Ohio and have had a dog my entire life. I don’t remember a time in my life where a dog didn’t play an integral part of who I am. But to be honest, I am an equal opportunity animal lover and have always had a whole host of animals like: cats, horses, rabbits, and a slew of other small animals. I am a firm believer in taking my time and allowing your dog to become comfortable with the entire grooming process. I look forward to pampering your pets!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Josh Billings