After you have completed your evaluation with us, we can then move forward with training plans. These are currently the different sessions we offer.

Day Training Package – $375

After getting to know you and your dog, we use these appointments to start tackling your most urgent needs. This type of training means dropping your dog off in the morning, leaving them with us during the day for multiple training sessions, and concluding the day with a 1 hour owner training session when you come to pick them up.

Private Training – $65/hour

This appointment is recommended for our established clients. These one to two hour appointments are a follow up or refresher appointment to tackle issues that pop up during your training at home. During these sessions, you will work with one of our trainers to brush up on the homework we have already given you. You might have all of your obedience down in your backyard but need help transferring those skills to a sidewalk or local park. We will work with you where these situational problems arise to help you reach all of your dog training goals.

Private Training’s are scheduled during select days of the week. Call into our office to find out what days we are currently available for these appointments.

Board and Train – 2 weeks for $2100 or 3 weeks for $2800

This package is the epitome of comprehensive dog training where our trainers have 24 hour access to your dog for handling and training. Dogs are worked consistently throughout the day on basic obedience, leash skills, socialization, distractions, “place” command, and crate training. By allowing us to instill consistency with your dog, we can create a custom owners manual for you to better understand your dog. The relationship we are able to build during this time will allow us to confidently show you, at pick up, the dog you have the potential to live with. We will spend every moment clearly communicating with your dog to establish boundaries and expectations that must be followed through.

Both the two and three week packages include the leash and collar we will be training your dog with. In addition, we require follow up sessions to be scheduled after your dogs stay with us so that we can check in with you, either at home or at our facility, so that we can make sure you have had a smooth transition to instilling this new structure at home.

We do not overlap our board and train appointments so that we can guarantee the required attention for these training’s. Call into the office to find out what our next opening is for this type of reservation.