Scheduling Your First Appointment

We are so happy you are taking steps to better the life of your dog and are trusting us to help!

First, we do an evaluation. Evaluations are required for any new dog coming into our facility, whether they are potentially joining us for daycare, boarding, or training. During this appointment your dog spends the day with us to give our trainers and staff the time they need to test your dog’s temperament and behavior with different training methods. When you come to pick up your dog at either 1 pm, 2pm or 3pm, a trainer will meet with you for 20-30 minutes to discuss the customized training plan we recommend to ensure long-lasting results!

The $120 you pay for your evaluation gets added as a credit on your account with us. You can then put these funds toward daycare or any of our training services to further your time with us. The evaluation credit must be used within a year of your evaluation appointment.

Before we can talk about picking a date to meet you both for the first time, we require the following documents to be completed and sent to our e-mail address,

3. After you have filled those out, contact your vet to get the most recent copy of your pet’s vaccination records. Before your dog can enter our facility they need to be up-to-date on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella.

4. Email those vaccination records to us along with your completed questionnaire and release form, and we will then place you on the waitlist for an evaluation!

** Please be aware that, because we are a small facility, we can only schedule so many evaluations per week and we only schedule evaluations for Mondays and Fridays. There is currently a 2-month wait for an evaluation from the time your completed paperwork and vaccination records are received. We appreciate your patience and look forward to working with you as soon as possible!