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Training Evaluation –$100.00/Dog

The evaluation is a time for our trainers to meet with you and your dog to review the current situation, look at concerns, behaviors, and issues. Your dog spends the day with us to give our trainers the time they need to evaluate their temperament and behavior. The trainers will then recommend a customized training plan that is best suited for your dog to bring long lasting results!

Daycare –$30.00/Day

We know it can be hard to leave your dogs at home all day. Drop your dog off to us on your way to work for an opportunity for them to socialize and play with other dogs. Just pick them up on your way home- simple as that!

Daycare Package #1 – $250/Month

Includes 10 visits and can be used Monday-Friday. Must be good with other dogs, up-to-date on vaccinations, and spayed/neutered by 6 months. Please scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that we may do our best to get you in.

Daycare Package #2 – $450/Month

Includes 24 visits in one month and can be used Monday-Friday. Must be good with other dogs, up-to-date on vaccinations, and spayed/neutered by 6 months. Please scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that we may do our best to get you in.

Our next round of Group Training Classes will begin in January of 2020. Dates to be released soon! Please call for more information or to secure a spot for a class early.

Understanding Your Puppy –$90.00

Understanding your puppy is a 3 week class for puppies 8-16 weeks old.
During your time with us, you will learn how to raise a well behaved puppy using tried and true methods for, proper house training, proper social interactions with other dogs, introductions to sounds, dogs and humans, and using conditioned relaxation for biting and handling.

Puppy Transitioning –$180.00

Transitioning your puppy is a 6 week class for puppies 4-8 months old. We teach the importance of obedient life styles vs. obedient commands and how that transitions into puppy behavior. The leash is used to communicate with your dog, so you both have the same language. Socialization will improve the puppy’s behavior and obedience.

Adult Transitioning –$180.00

Adult transitioning is a 6 week class for dogs 9 months and older. Socialization, distractions, and guarding issues are subjects that are covered. As well as, how to change and address negative behavioral patterns that have been established in the home and outside environments.

Advanced Obedience –$180.00

Advanced Obedience Training is a 6 week class for dogs who have completed one or both of our Transitioning classes. Increased handler control and reliability with distractions, in familiar and new environments. Working towards off leash accuracy, with the potential to receive The Canine Good Citizen title upon graduation.

Boarding –$40/Day

Going on vacation shouldn’t be stressful for you or your pet. We’ll board your dog and give it all the care and attention you would at home! Worried about your dog not being house trained? No problem! For $15 more a day, we’ll potty train your dog while you’re gone so you can say goodbye to accidents in the house. Clients who are interested in us boarding their dog for the first time must first schedule a Daycare session a minimum of 7 days prior to the beginning of their boarding dates.

Board and Train –$150.00/Day

Board and Train is the epitome of comprehensive dog training where, as trainers, we have 24 hour access to handling and training your dog. Dogs are worked consistently throughout the day on basic obedience, leash skills, socialization, distractions, place command, and crate training. A consultation with our trainers must be scheduled first. Training tools (collar and leash) are provided at the end of training.

2 Week Package – $1800

Includes two follow up sessions, in home or community, to ensure training is retained and enforced properly.

3 Week Package – $2500

Includes e-collar training for off-leash recall. Includes three follow up sessions, in home or community.

Day Training- $120

After the training evaluation with our trainers, they will let you know if Day Training is going to be the best option for your dog. Dogs are given a full day of training and at the end of the day, our trainers will with work with the owners at pick up to go over what was accomplished during the day.

Private Training – $270

These 2 hour training sessions will give you the opportunity to be more involved in the training. Our trainers spend the first hour of the session working with your dog, and then you come back for the last half to learn and work with your dog. A minimum of 3 sessions must be scheduled over 3 consecutive weeks, resulting in 1 session a week.