The Calm Companion strives to assist in creating a relationship with your dog through trust and respect. We help dogs adapt their behaviors in a way that makes living in a people world more enjoyable for them and for their owners. We help create calm, confident companions.

Roseanne and Kris are so patient and take time to really get to know your dog. My lab pup spent 10 days with them at board and train. They really figured him out and knew how to work with him. They explained WHY he was behaving the way he was and knew how to handle those behaviors. I learned a lot and continue using the methods they taught me. I highly recommend!

Becky W.

Rosanne is fantastic. She has worked wonders with Currituck—and with her help, we were able to take him on a twelve-hour trip to the ocean! He did not fuss, he behaved well, and he honored his training. Best of all, we got to maintain our sanity, too, because of the work that Rosanne has done with Currituck. Rosanne is kind, patient, understanding, yet is firm in her teaching. We are so incredibly grateful to her and the rest of the staff. Thank you is not nearly enough to convey our appreciation! 
– May 2022

Renee Williams