The Calm Companion strives to assist in creating a relationship with your dog through trust and respect. We help dogs adapt their behaviors in a way that makes living in a people world more enjoyable for them and for their owners. We help create calm, confident companions.

Many years ago, when my wife and I were younger and the kids were quite small, we bought our first mini-van.  When we were looking at our options, there was an option for an entertainment system (this was in the days before iPads), but the entertainment system cost an extra $1500.  My wife wasn’t sure about the expense, so I said to her “A year from now, when we are on a 600 mile road trip, you would gladly pay ANYTHING for that entertainment system.”  That was money well spent indeed.
And, we feel the same about having the Calm Companion work with our dogs.  It isn’t inexpensive, but there is tremendous value in the expense, and it is just as worth it as that entertainment system from years ago.
We recently adopted a rescue Irish Setter named Winchester.  This dog was born to run, and we have an almost 200 acre farm.  A match made in heaven, almost.
Winchester came to us with issues…he couldn’t be off leash, and on leash he just couldn’t get any real exercise.  His sister (Wilhelmina, an English Setter) was desperate for him to run and play with her, but even in a fenced in area he was uncontrollable when off lead.  Things were looking bleak indeed, especially when he saw our goats or chickens!
But, we knew what the Calm Companion had done for Wilhelmina.  She went away to “dog college” with the CC team and came home a perfect dog, able to be off lead anywhere.  So, we made arrangements for Winchester to do the same program.
After the work that Roseanne, Kris and the team did with Winchester, he is now able to be off-lead on our property, and able to run with his sisters.  The sheer joy on his face as he runs at break-neck speed has made the expense and the work entirely worth it.  We couldn’t give a more heartfelt recommendation for the team at the Calm Companion.

Tony & Rebecca K.

I was really pleased with the grooming appointment yesterday. Mr. Darcy was soft and clean all over, and smelled good without a lot of perfumy smell. The price was similar to what I have paid elsewhere but it was easy to get an appointment!

Barbara F.